The Living Planner

People and Businesses are Stronger When There is a Plan of Action 

What a gift it is when we are organized in such a way that allows daily life for our loved ones to help us with while we're living and continue after we’ve gone. What a gift it is to consider the options while we are living, documenting our wishes, to have conversations about all of this.

I have 30+ years of hands-on experience as an aviation volunteer emergency team responder, a daughter, a friend who has combined practicality with compassion into The Living Planner.

Organizing while living can be done by everyone. I am a powerful force of compassion plus experience. I am detailed, organized, thorough, can compartmentalize big emotional issues during times of transition/crisis and have accumulated the expertise to outline for others how to make sure the practical side of life is “covered” before we need it.

This book is outlined into three categories: Pre-Planning; After A Loss; and On-Going Follow-up. Ask yourself, "what if now is the right time to begin taking action?" The benefits are empowering and so helpful for all. You can do it!

May you live life fully, Lynn

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